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Re: Food!
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Training for me involves many things that have nothing to do with the gym.  One of the biggest is keeping up with the supply of good food available.  I take weekends to cook ahead.   One of my favorites is breaded chicken breast.   I slice in half and then beat thin.  Egg wash and italian bread crumbs, with Parmesan cheese along with garlic salt.   Pan fried to light brown with a SMALL amount of coconut oil (and supplementing with canola spray to get in nooks and crannies.   Finished off in a 300deg oven to fully cooked.

This tastes sooooo good.   Also can easily freeze (I weigh out portions in ziplocks and freeze).   I take them out the day before and they are delisous even cold, but if you have a stove available, you can crisp in a pan easily in about 5-6 min.  Just put in a pan and flip half way.  (no oil needed).


came in looking for this. Starting a cut and fresh chicken breast is on sale for $1.88/lb

Know it's been 10 months, but just reviewing some invoices today and random chicken breast is down to  $.94/# !!! (Yes, the 15% injected stuff)

Thighs and drummies have been floating between  .49-.79

Enjoy it while it lasts...