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30th Anniversary today!
« on: November 11, 2018, 12:50:16 PM »
November 11,

I began the best relationship I would ever have for my entire life and I initially hated it.
3 days a week I invested in this relationship until it grew into 4,5 and 6, but never 7.

I used to spend hours at a time building this connection. Now I prefer quality over quantity and spend roughly an hour.

This relationship has been therapeutic, an esteem builder, it has opened up my brain and taught me many amazing things about me, life, and others. It has always been a test and it has never been easy even when there have been good times.
It just has never been easy, and we prefer it that way.

After a certain point in time it actually became a responsibility, something that had to be taken care of in order for me to feel comfortable with myself.

This relationship is the best thing I ever started and has led me places I could not fathom at its inception.

I have been in this relationship for so long it is now part of me and who I am, I partly identify myself through this relationship.
I was literally made, in this relationship.

Today I celebrate my 30th year of weight lifting with no more than 2 weeks out of the gym consecutively during the entire run.
I remember, it started on Remebrance Day, how could I foget?
My country celebrates the sacrifices of its war dead this day, I celebrate their sacrfice to help me find my life.

They fought for my freedom.
I found freedom in the gym.
I found peace in the gym.

What did I do with it? How jacked did I become, how many trophies did I win, how much weight did I lift, what's my max bench...
and I'm here to say;
It doesn't matter.

It made,
I through it, helped make me a better man.
Not perfect, better.

I could write way more about how things have changed, what I accomplished and what I didn't, and make myself look like a pompous asshole that knows it all but I won't.
What matters is that after 30 fucking years have passed I still have this relationship when so many others who started this journey with me...gave up.

I did not do this alone and wish to thank the gym pioneeers, my peers and friends I have made in countless gyms, the internet which brought me into contact with like-minded people and information, the people I have met IRL who have shared their wisdom and companionship, and members of my family who steered me in this direction at an early age.

I am going to squat 405 lbs. today to celebrate, because I'm sick and twisted like that. And I believe its the best way to honor my work is with more work. To use what I have been taught, earned, and given to honor those that have fallen before me.
Much like Remembrance Day, their sacrifces have helped make me better.

Through bodybuilding
I found life.

And you can too.

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Re: 30th Anniversary today!
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2018, 05:45:49 PM »
Congratulations.  I really wish I never took that 7 years off so I could say the same.
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