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Re: Strength of a Bull, none of the sh*t
« Reply #2190 on: March 15, 2018, 03:02:39 PM »
Been having bad elbow pain lately as well. Diagnosed via Youtube as Golfer's elbow. Pulled out my old elbow dildo last night and already getting some relief.
I'll be pulling mine out tonight.  I spoke with a therapist and he took a look at it and believes the source is my left pec minor.  It's not stretching enough for my left arm to get into position and is pulling my shoulder though my bi, elbow forearms out of position on that side.  So I'll be pulling out the lacrosse ball and going masochistic and torturing myself.
I may try out some FST, I think that's's some sort of fascia stretching.  Well see. 

Deads went OK, failed 585, pulled 545 for 5 reps. Had some minor pain in my elbow, but it was bearable. 
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