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How I warm up at a Meet
« on: July 10, 2013, 01:26:48 PM »
How I do my Warm-ups at a Meet.
This is the step by step process I used at the RPS CT State Championships at the Europa Expo in 2013.

Squat: (475lb opener)
I mixed my Preworkout Supplement (“Hyde” by Pro Supps), 2 scoops, 8 ounces of Pedialyte and slammed that down 20 minutes before my flight was to start.
Back Stage in the warm-up area, I started with 95lbs just to loosen up the quads/hammys/glutes. 15 Deep, paused reps, as in Hammy to Calf deep, to stretch everything out.
135lbs x 10reps to below my depth, to continue to loosen up and get blood pumping into my quads. 
185lbs to proper depth for 8 reps.
225, real deep, paused to stretch deep muscle out. I knocked off about ten ¼ reps at depth. From below parallel to a few inches above. This flushes blood into the quads while they are tight. From here, it was 3-4 squats to depth to prime the muscle for the heavy weight, and mentally prep my mind for the lift. 
405x2. This was my warm-up.

Timing for the Squat.
I’ve found that the time I need to wrap and be ready for my squat is just about a minute. The way it works, I start wrapping my knees as soon as the lifter prior to me gets under the bar. It takes him/her about 30 seconds to hit the lift, rack it, and another 30-45 seconds for the loaders to change the weight. This gives me time to wrap both knees tight, get myself up on the platform, and hit the Nose Tork if I need it.

If you’re wrapping your knees for a lift, time yourself and get a rough idea of time. From the moment the announcer says “The Bar is Loaded” you have one minute to begin the lift. As in, you start your descent. An additional side note, is always do a visual check of the bar to make sure the same plates are on each side. It’s rare, but a mislead can happen.

Bench: (275lb Opener)
I hit the preworkout Supp  ½ hour before my flight started. This is because I have a weak ass Bench and I’d need very little time to warm up. 

I started with the Bar and slow smooth reps to stretch out.
95lbs for 10 smooth reps
135 for another 10, Stretching to loosen the elbows and shoulders up
185 for 5 reps, very smooth, and a slow pace.
225lbs for 3 nice and easy, followed by another 225 nice and easy.

There’s very little timing necessary for this, as once the “Bar is Loaded” you lay down, tighten up, and have someone lift off for you. Watch the commands, (Bench, Press, Rack), and stay tight.

There was 4 hours between my Bench and Dead. Weak bench put me in the 2nd of 4 flights. Strong Dead put me in the 4th of 4 flights. I wandered around the Expo, took a ½ hour nap, and ate more food.

Deadlift: (565lb opener)
I hit my preworkout supp 30 minutes before my flight started. I was near the beginning of the flight, so hit it early. Warm-ups started at 135lbs, for 8 reps. I shrugged while I had it up, just to loosen the traps/shoulders and get blood into them, and only for the first two sets.
Warm-ups complete.
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Re: How I warm up at a Meet
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2013, 07:35:30 PM »
when I spent the day at a PL meet where my buddy set a world squat record and another buddy took the state total record, I was amazed at all the supps they were taking. Must have been $500 worth of supps in each gym bag  ::)
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