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Lifting Videos / Re: Was this staged?
« Last post by Merkley on Today at 09:26:55 AM »
Wow, mind=blown.

 Why the fuck would you want that out on the internet?! Seriously! A fail like that and you then post it on youtube?!

 What in the actual fuck.

 I believe we have all had one of those moments at one point or another. I've failed with 300 lbs by myself and had to do the fucking roll of shame (some serious bruises on the hips). Hell, I managed to bomb out on 275 once while training with FLEX and Lisa and the gym (FLEX and Lisa were doing back or shoulders that day) I bombed, roll of shame, cleared the weight, re-racked, AND had everything all reset before anyone knew what the fuck happened. I didn't pass out, didn't roll off the bench, didn't lay there like a puss ass looking around bewildered, nor did I then post it to youtube.

 What an idiot.

 10/10 for full retard.
Journals / Re: Merkley's guide to pretend lifting
« Last post by Merkley on Today at 09:15:20 AM »
Last nights session

 Leg press 7 sets of 8 with 4 plates a side and a 25 on the top (those are working sets)
 Leg press 2 sets of 12 with 3 plates a side and a 25 on the top
 Leg Extension 3x15
 Romanian deadlifts 3x12
 Leg Curls 4x15
 Standing Calf Raises 4x10
 Seated Calf Raises 3x15

 Then to top it all off I walked home and proceeded to walk up 5 flights of stairs rather than using the elevator.

 Legs are still might be a rough few days.

Journals / Re: Merkley's guide to pretend lifting
« Last post by Merkley on Today at 08:44:12 AM »
This is becoming a habit already!  Awesome!  Are you competing anytime coming up?  Ready by August?

 Things are moving in the right direction so far, tomorrow will mark 2 weeks back to training...erm today rather.

 Competing...shit....the last time I seriously thought about that was the last time I seen FLEX and Lisa, that was forever ago it seems. I would like to, don't get me wrong. But it the farthest thing from being any kind of vision/priority for the time being.

 Things could change however as time goes by, you cannot predict what the future will hold.

 So I won't say yes nor will I say no.


Journals / Re: Shawn's Gonna Get on Dat Platform!!
« Last post by ShawnJ on March 23, 2018, 10:38:46 PM »
Fucking great job on those rack pulls Shawn!
Thanks buddy! Hope his translates to my full pulls!
Strong rack pulls! Does RPE 9.99 mean if you went for another rep it would have moved precisely 3mm?  ;D
Haha thanks Andy, donít ever want to admit defeat! I think I had 3mm left :o

Strong rack pulls bud!
Thanks buddy!
That PR on your rack pull was definitely earned. Nice work Shawn.
Lol thanks Anthony, that last rep shipped me to another dimension
Those are some beastly rack pulls dude! Grats on the pr. Some pretty serious weight on the dips too. Nice work all around. :thumbsup:
Thanks Rich, really wanted to push them hard to overload with hopes of forcing some gainz in my pills. Dips were fun, been so long since I have down them!
Finally getting the hang of those rack pulls I see!  9.99 tells me you had a bit more in ya. ;D
Thanks Ron, for the record I still hate rack pulls! The PR was cool though. Yup definitely had 3mm left on that 4th pull ::)
Journals / Re: MD State Prep
« Last post by ShawnJ on March 23, 2018, 10:23:35 PM »
Strong pause squats and bench Ron! Plenty of pressing in there so think you will be safe without the CGBP!
Journals / Re: Strength of a Bull, none of the sh*t
« Last post by ShawnJ on March 23, 2018, 10:19:47 PM »
Damn Brad, coming back from a fail then hitting 545x5 after is alpha as fuk!
Journals / Re: Bando's Log - Anabolic Dreams and PR Screams
« Last post by ShawnJ on March 23, 2018, 10:18:11 PM »
Damn, thatís a big session, hard to believe there was more work left. Thatís seems crazy to go back to squatting again after all that squatting beforehand!
Journals / Re: Reduni's Log.
« Last post by ShawnJ on March 23, 2018, 10:14:58 PM »
Strong pulls Rich, JC should get those pulls back up to hit a PR this year.
I do get dizzy like that sometimes but usually when warming up, and always around 3pps for some strange reason. Itís odd, but is usually goes away once I get heavier.
Journals / Re: Reduni's Log.
« Last post by BLK00TJ on March 23, 2018, 08:31:57 PM »
This is like deja vu now?  Everyone going to run JC leading into the meet or are you faking them all out and running a super-secret program. :biggrinjester:

Holy crap that was one of the slowest benches I've seen.  Once you grunted, it started moving again.  grunt earlier maybe, like Stan the Rhino Efferding. :D
Journals / Re: Andrew's Big 3 Journal
« Last post by BLK00TJ on March 23, 2018, 08:27:10 PM »
Awesome work, and congrats on the new bar.  I'm sad Bryce didn't have any in his 16 week program.  If I ever run it again, I'll make some changes and one will be to put these in.  I like the variety they offer and the elbows like the break they get.
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