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Title: Going to do my own programming
Post by: tooth on July 22, 2020, 09:41:36 AM
 Ok, so after about 7 years with Josh Bryant I decided to use my physical therapist for my programming.  Kid was great for pt on my bicep repair, excellent coach, but the programming was a drag.  Josh probably held my hand too much because I didn't have to put any numbers into my program.  It was here's what to do, go do it and report back.  The pt does a more traditional approach where you plug in the numbers based on % of max rpe and such.  Coming off bicep surgery I really have no idea what any of my maxes are.  So, every workout I felt like Goldie locks.  That and the program just seemed boring.  For the fist time in ages I just had no desire to workout. 

Feel like I've been at this long enough, read most of the good books out there, sat through enough seminars from the greats like Coan, Hatfield, West side, Josh, etc. that I know what to do.  I just always liked the accountability of having to report to someone, and I have no problem paying someone that knows what they are doing.  So, this should be interesting to say the least. 

My goals?  Haven't changed since the bicep tear.  Get back to were I was pre bicep tear numbers wise at a meet next year, and I want both arms bigger, even if by a tiny bit bigger than pre bicep tear. 

Let the shit show begin!  :o 
Title: Re: Going to do my own programming
Post by: AlexanderOmand on July 23, 2020, 12:00:29 PM
It really is great to do your own programming.  I've done it for a long time. 

It will reach a point where you'll slowly drift away from getting it done ahead of time, and you'll have a day where you just go in and do what you want.  Then it becomes two days, next thing you know, you're slacking on your work outs.

When you reach that point, and you realize it, time to go back to a coach for a bit.
Title: Re: Going to do my own programming
Post by: tooth on July 23, 2020, 05:08:54 PM
Did a three day ten week block.  If it sucks or I need the accountability, then it's only ten weeks.  Looks really cool on paper and since I worked backwards from a number, there's a goal at the end.  Hopefully knowing that goal will be enough.