Author Topic: Interesting experiment with diet manipulation  (Read 708 times)

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Interesting experiment with diet manipulation
« on: November 18, 2016, 10:37:32 AM »
As most of you know, I have done a lot of playing with my diet over the years.   I have all but about given up on the "bulk/cut" method at this point in my game as I felt I was about tapped out growth wise and it was a zero sum gain after I would diet back down.   I proved this a year ago when I ate up from 200 to 230 from July 2015 to Dec 2015.  When I dropped the weight after first of the year, I really made no real progress.  (and did not like the way I felt for the last 3 months of the surplus.).

(Dont take this out of general context though as I still believe bulk/cut is the way to make the most efficient progress when there is progress to be had!)

So....I pretty much figured it was time to just stay lean year round and just accept it.   I spent this past year only tracking protein, and ate by instinct.  I ate lower carbs on non workout days and moderate on my workout days.  I leaned out and stayed there.   I stayed right around 195ish and most people thought I was the biggest I have ever been.

With my carb cycling experiences in the past, I decided to try another diet experiment.  (not nearly as structured or formal as my one's in the take it at that).  I decided to continue my same diet, or low carbs (100-150) on non workout days, and 2 days a week to do obnoxious/gluttonous binges post workout after my two biggest workouts.   I am not trying to be a sensationalist....but they were far from what some might consider a "proper" diet.   I tried to keep fat to less than 20% and the rest all carbs.   Rest of my diet stayed the same.

On these days I would eat as much as 400g of extra carbs post workout.   (all within an hour or two of my workout).  It would usually start with about 5-6 servings of lower fat icecream (about 1/2 a tub) with chocolate sauce.  Then migrate to 8-10 cookies and milk, then on to a few bowls of cinnamon toast crunch, and finish off with some smarties candy if I wanted to top off the carbs.     

I have been doing this now for 4 months and I stepped on scale for the first time.   I was pretty blown away.   My skinfolds have not changed at all despite the two (sometimes 3) carb-ups.   The cals are not insignificant either figuring an extra 3000-4000 cal a week doing this.   I am sitting 15+lbs heavier.  (213).   

I could feel I was filled out more on a day to day basis, but I was surprised to see the scale 15lbs heavier.    I have no idea what if any portion is real mass.   It could be a year spent basically under eating, left me ready to grow some?   It could be my lower weight was the result of walking around in a lower state of glycogen retention and "carb-ing" up has let me fill back out.  (so I am the same mass, but rather no longer depleted).   It would be impossible to tell.  But I am stronger on a day to day basis than before, and still walk around everyday just as lean and significantly heavier.    Regardless, it is progress.

I am not really sure.  BUT once again, I am finding that diet manipulation becomes even more and more important the further into your training.  I have pretty much made zero progress in almost 2 years.  Except concurring the battle of getting and staying lean while keeping strength.  Now in the last 3-4 months, with some less than conventional eating, I am seeing what appears to be progress again.  Pretty nuts.

While I would not necessarily suggest this is a method for anyone else....what I will suggest, is if you are not making the progress you want,....instead of changing your workout, or progressions of reps and sets.....take a look at changing your diet.
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Re: Interesting experiment with diet manipulation
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2016, 11:05:09 AM »
Interesting read ID. Nowhere near your leanness/training/etc so I'll keep with the bulk and cut (as you recommend) but it's fun reading about your experiments.  :)

While I could see maybe 7-8lbs water weight (almost a full gallon), I can't see it being 15lbs of water weight (almost 2 gallons of water). The only reason I say that is I've known guys to cut weight and add upwards 20lbs worth of weight but they were on low, low carb and did extreme water cuts (wrestlers and boxers) to make a specific weight. Since you probably weren't as low on carbs like they did and did not do a water cut, I believe some of that has to be some form of LBM.

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Re: Interesting experiment with diet manipulation
« Reply #2 on: November 18, 2016, 11:43:48 AM »
Looks like insulin manipulation with the sugar, and I know insulin is a little anabolic. Might this be the main reason for your progress recently?
Interesting. I wish I could eat more and lose fat.

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Re: Interesting experiment with diet manipulation
« Reply #3 on: November 18, 2016, 01:33:04 PM »
Yea....whole thing is weird to me.  That fact that I have been able to eat like this and not gain a bunch of fat.   It is really strange too....sometimes, it seems to almost lean me out.  (drying me out a touch actually).

Now I think like anything else, there is a limit to where this will go.   But I have seen the power of swaying one's nutrient partitioning when coming off a deficit.   I am wondering if I am reaping this in small measure, but essentially bulking and cutting in the same week.   

Or taking advantage of greater insulin sensitivity post.  Either way, I am treading deep into bro-science land.  But as I also realize there is little in the way of controlled studies looking at some of these more extreme eating habits combined with working out.

I am just going to keep messing around.   Sucks, my cool gym closed so no good place to take pics anymore.   Place I am in now is not really the type of place to do that.   (lots of yoga pants and people "getting toned").   Dumbbells only to 100...etc.  But it will have to do since it works with my daughters dance schedule.