Author Topic: Training for Autumn Apocalypse in NJ, and 1605lbs.  (Read 44021 times)

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Re: Training for Autumn Apocalypse in NJ, and 1605lbs.
« Reply #1020 on: Today at 07:36:15 AM »
So, I'll be back to just Sabrina and I. 

Shoulder feels really banged up this morning.

Sounds like the strength trainers version of empty nest.
Women different than men I guess.  Some of my best body compositions have been while I was single
It's not a Bad thing, just her and I training.  In fact, it's really good for both of us.

Shoulder feels good this morning.  It's always a great moment when someone walks up and asks if I'm deadlifting 275 that I had loaded.  I say "Rows" then bang out 8 reps.  The dumbfounded look is always priceless.

Rowed 275x8x4 sets.
Seated Hammer strength rows, 3plates and a Quarter for 3x7. 

Pull downs and cable rows.

Saturday is Squatter day.
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Re: Training for Autumn Apocalypse in NJ, and 1605lbs.
« Reply #1021 on: Today at 08:39:50 AM »
Starting to think that my original Goal is far out of reach. 

You fucking need a slap for this shit :slap:

You've pulled a 620 dead, right?
You benched 350 in April right?

Get your dead back to where it was, get your squat up to match your dead and add 15 lbs to your bench and you're there.


You're welcome.
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