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Re: Shawn's Gonna Get on Dat Platform!!
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That's a hella lotta work right there
Meh most the pulls were so damn light and just me trying to pull until my hip felt better, which never happened. Thanks buddy
Good looking past few workouts Shawn. :)  Sorry to hear about the continued hip pain but it sounds like less frequency on the pulls is a good plan given that.  Sounds like the bench is progressing nicely man.  Those Z Presses should help too...those look challenging.
Thanks Greg, I have no choice but to decrease my frequency. Iím hoping to find a balance here where I can try to progress while keeping pain to a minimum. Will it work? We shall see, just really frustrated with trying to train through pain all the time.
Bench is going as planned so there is some positive.
Lots of work there for sure. Sounds like you have a reasonable plan to still get some deads in. Is the pain in the hip flexors? or elsewhere? I know you mentioned widening your stance slightly. Any chance that is a possible cause? I can't see that being the reason, just brainstorming.

Nice work on the z presses. Do you have your feet weighted? I think I'd fall over backward doing that. You should go full cross fit and do it seated on a yoga ball perched on a dumbell for extra "functional" strength and balance ;D
Thanks Rich, so my right hip flexor is always tight, as well I have pain that feels like itís right in the socket where the head of the femur articulates.
I have had this most of last year too, and it was there my meet prep.
I spent the summer trying different things to improve it, and the only real ďhelpĒ I got was actually not deadlifting at all.
I switched my stance wider on deads to improve my back position. I just canít get out of a rounded position with a narrow stance conventional. My current stance is a much improved back position, but I have tried narrow again and pain is still there. Almost like I have spurs grinding away my hip socket or something fukked like that.
Z presses are tough, I thought I would fall backward as well, but think the bar helps counter balance enough that I donít need to anchor my feet. There are times I have almost fallen back though lol, I do them inside the rack and start the movement off the pins
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