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Rheta's Iron Maidens - September 28th

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s some of you know, Rheta is hosting her 3rd annual Iron-Maidens Meet on September 28th.  Sabrina is competing at it.  We are headed up on the 26th at night, She's weighing in on Friday, and She's competing Saturday morning.

Any and all are welcome to come watch.  There are going to be some impressive women competing.  Alison Hind is one of them, I believe.

I'm sure Allison and Becky will be there.  I follow them both in IG.  Allison benches more than me.   :'(

I'm down for a road trip.  Lemme talk to Lisa.

Looks like I'll be able to come cheer on Sabrina. Unless schedule changes.


Sounds good. Ill go cheer her on :)


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