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RIP Gene Rychlak

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RIP to Gene, and all my best to those he left behind.   :'(

Sad news. RIP, Gene.

RIP Gene. I'll never forget sitting in his morning rules meeting and explaining how he wanted it to be an event you can bring your family to and not be worried. I'm glad to have been a part of a couple meets and had a blast. The spirit of just being able to lift and not be judged about how much is on the bar is what it's about. His legacy will live on in his meets and everyone who attends.


--- Quote from: reduni on July 27, 2019, 09:10:35 PM ---The spirit of just being able to lift and not be judged about how much is on the bar is what it's about.

--- End quote ---

Think it was Supremacy 2016, I brought a tiny Asian girl, her 1st attempt on bench was the bar. She got as many cheers as the guy with the 700lb DL. Gene was all about that and treated her opener with the utmost respect.

Thanks All, He truly was one of a kind.

THe Meet ran well, AMe held it together for the Most part.  I did as well.  Chewed down a few extra Nolvadex to keep the emotions in check, though.

So many people told stories about him and their interactions. 

We had a guy at the Meet, going for a 1000lb Single-ply bench.  He missed all three attempts, but he locked out each one.  Foot moved, Butt came up, small things.  I was head judge for it. 

As soon as Jimmy finished his 3rd attempt, we loaded 1010lbs on the bar, We left the head judge seat empty, clicked on the 3 white lights and had a moment of silence.  Absolutely, one of the most moving experiences of my life.

Not a single person took a picture or made a noise. 

The hardest part for me (other than driving by myself of 800+ miles round trip), was loading the trailer up after the Meet.  I did Gene's duty and coordinated loading it.  In the 7 years I've been helping at Meets, loading and unloading that trailer, it felt amazingly empty without him in there directing what was to be loaded next. 

Ame has asked me to take on a more involved position with RPS, and Ill be traveling a bit more now. 


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