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RIP Gene Rychlak

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I got a call from Ame Rychlak this morning at 530am.

Gene passed in the night.  His heart gave out. 

I'm in a bit of shock today, as I just talked with him yesterday.  He was feeling good, and looking forward to hearing how my competition went.  I was deu to compete at the Maine state Champhionship tomorrow, but am now headed to York PA to assist Ame this weekend.

He paved the way for so many lifters, and enriched so many lives.  While he made many people mad, far more loved him for what he did for Powerlifting. 

Now, there's a few of us that will be picking up the leadership of RPS and assisting Ame as she is now the owner and Director. 

My heart is heavy today.

Terrible news  :'(

Very sad news, RIP Gene! :'(

Very sad news.   :'(

Much respect to you for stepping up.  I knew you would.

Give Ame our regards.  We both posted already on her notice.

Absolutely the right decision to carry on with the meets. If they got cancelled I could see Gene resuscitating himself just to come back and yell at people for cancelling.

Also, I noticed a couple other feds on IG were heavily promoting their own meets this morning, I get it that they're happy he's gone, but talk about low class. :wtf:


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