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Rogue Squat Bar Acquired


Wanted one for a little while, never pulled the trigger for various reasons.

Miss Lisa got me one for my Birthday and amazingly kept the monster hidden from me.  I walked into our room this morning after my Deadlift session to get ready for work and there it was.


It's glorious:

Pic with comparison to my current squat bar (York #32120)

How many BB's are you up to now? Sweet gift.

I should know this by now but what is a Rouge squat bar? I'm thinking 55lbs, really stiff and heavy knurling?

8 bars including the specialty bars.

Yes it is longer and heavier and thicker.

32mm, 25kg (55 lbs), sleeve to sleeve coarse knurling and I believe it's at least 8 feet long, if not longer.


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