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I bought this Elites FTS SS Yoke Bar for Lisa's boy for his birthday in February.

They were out of stock and it was supposed to ship in January, but somehow I received it today and I never even got a shipment notification.

I may or may not use it myself.  I'll try it out at least once and see if I like it.

It takes 10 months to make one of those?  :S


--- Quote from: Bando on December 30, 2020, 09:57:49 PM ---It takes 10 months to make one of those?  :S

--- End quote ---


His birthday is in February.  I ordered it a few weeks ago.

Lolz, thought it was a Covid backlog thing from early this year.  :o

He won't be home until Monday so I took the liberty of unboxing it and moving it downstairs to our weight room.

It's a really nice and solid piece of equipment.

I won't use it before he does, but it's tempting....


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