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Bought a new MB SLingshot this weekend and also the Maddog version.

And some new "Gangsta" knee sleeves which are 9.5mm think neoprene.


I had one ages ago.  Do you feel like it's helped your bench?


--- Quote from: tooth on September 28, 2020, 11:33:57 AM ---I had one ages ago.  Do you feel like it's helped your bench?

--- End quote ---

Probably not too much but it's fun to have.  Lisa has one too, hers is still like brand new. 

I enjoy using mine.  I tend to use it as a warmup before I get in the Shirt.  I have found, that it saves a lot of pain in my shoulder.

As I've aged, I've found more things to help preserve my body.

So I can do more stupid stuff with it.

I hurt my shoulder benching this morning.

I don't like using the benches with the fixed bar positions because the bar is too low and far back and awkward.

But I was lazy and didn't pull a bench into the rack today and paid the price.

Anyway looking forward to having some fun with these two bad boys.

My gym rubber flooring is finally ready for pick-up so this weekend I'll be moving my gym stuff to the basement.

I can't fucking wait.  So excited.  After years of having all this awesome stuff in the garage where it's a total pain in the ass, too cramped, too hot, too cold, too dirty/dusty, I will finally have a nice clean temp controlled lifting environment.

They are talking about moving back to stage 2 here, which means closing the gyms again.  once I am set up in the house I won't give a shit as much anymore.


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