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Rheta West - Mini Documentary


Came up on Youtube whilst doing after work cardio and gave it a watch. Have you seen this? Thoughts?


Becki and Pete both have lost some weight since the doc;

Sad I didn't make the background;

Nobody gives more to her team than Rheta - no one. If her new place fails it won't be for lack of effort. I rarely have seen a person work harder and give more to be successful and make those around her better than Rheta West. She's an excellent ambassador for the sport.

Coming from a single Mom household I was touched at the part about walking 4 hours a day to work & to train. Also liked her discussion of BB'ng vs PL'ing lifestyle.

I came across this some time ago. She had mentioned it on her IG. I watched it and loved it. I gained that much more respect for her. I wish all the best in life and her endeavors.


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