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RPS NH/VT State Championships

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Ok, so I didnít come remotely close to my goals on this one. Canít figure it out, but when meet prep sucks I have a good meet, and when itís good I have a crap meet.

Went 5 for 9 and somehow still took best lifter. Probably because Iím little, and donít realize it.  But I had to struggle to not put on a pouty face when they handed me a really cool axe for best lifter. But, I was really disappointed in myself. I can make all the excuses in the world, didnít sleep the night before, fighting a cold and had a real high fever last night, but fuck all that. I just didnít bring it.

Opened with a 500 squat and it stalled half way up. Wtf, so I made a smaller jump than planned and did 520. 520 moved ok, but didnít feel great. Wanted 550+, but went for 540 based on how things where going. Had Jamie Matta the meet director, and all around amazing guy wrap me for my third. Iíve wrapped myself for meets and training, so never had a real wrap. 540 flew, just couldnít believe it. Still not sure if it was the wrap or I just respected the weight. Well my joy didnít last long because it was high. Got the it looked good to me from everyone there, but Iím high allot in training, so it must have been high. My bad, grow balls and train deeper.

Next was bench. 325 opener flew, couldnít believe it. Plan was 335-340, but listened to everyone around me instead of sticking to the plan and jumped to 350. Bad idea, it was ďalmostĒ there two times.

On to deadlifts, at this point Iím mentally defeated and physically done. CJ Murphy does a whole body rpr thing on me. Iíve seen the videos and tried it on myself, but his version was like an s&m place combined with orchids if Asia. I felt like a million bucks. Iíve never felt so good physically at that point of a meet. I told him my opener, and that I wanted 6 hundo, but I let him make the calls. 540, and 565 moved great. I had no idea if he told them 600, or 5??.  The called out the 6 hundo, got it moving and..... it stopped. Friken asshole that I am it just stopped.

Now Iíve got a decision to make. Jump back into another meet, or go back to my plan for the year of another pl meet and a strongman before years end. Iíve already  scoped out the upcoming meets.

Videos are the 540 squat, 325 and 350 bench, and 600 dead, sorry for the squat odd video itís from a buddy phone.

Nothing ever goes as planned.  Good show.

Very cool. Looks like someone likes the trophy. I wouldn't worry about how things went. It happens. Odd that training was going so well though and the results didn't necessarily go as well. Nice work overall


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