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Doing this meet again.  April 13th

Training has been going great with the exception of squat depth.  I'm feeling strong on squats, but all my top sets are too high.  I hope I'm just being a wuss and holding back, but time will tell.  Overall I'm feeling stronger than ever.  But, my best meets have come when training is dogshit, and my worst meets have come when training was great.  Still haven't solidified attempts.  I'll know for sure after this week.  My last meet was my best ever.  It was last December and I went 525/345/575 as a 198 masters II.  Felt like I left allot on the table with squats and bench, but felt like I was close to or at a max effort on the deadlift.  In my head a 540 squat and 350 bench are there.  I never seem to know where I am on deadlifts until meet day.  Time will tell, but if my training history repeats itself it will be a shitty meet.  8)

Good luck and yes, the last squat vid I saw on IG was not comp depth.  Sort that shit out.   ;D

Depth has been way off.  I'm always very impressed that you bury every squat.  You hit that same depth no matter if you're wrapped, sleeves, just doesn't seem to matter.  I think I'm going to need to do a bunch of paused squats after this meet to sort it out.  And, definitely need to go back to the safety bar for shoulder and elbow health.  My left arm feels like it got ran over after squats lately. 

Best training ever.  Never felt this strong, but I've had my best meets when I'm dragging my ass at this point, so I don't know what to expect.  I never go "heavy" in training and went heavier in training than I ever have in Squat and Deadlift, plus had an all time pr on the bench in training.  Crazy how well things have gone.  Just hope it translates to meet day.

10 days out, so I've gotta figure out attempts.  If the stars align I think I have a legit shot at 1,500 total.   

515 squat (borderline depth, but I think it just passes)
350 bench (not a passable pause, but tree fiddy)
540 deadlift (total rdl because form sucks)


--- Quote from: tooth on April 03, 2019, 09:45:51 AM ---10 days out, so I've gotta figure out attempts.  If the stars align I think I have a legit shot at 1,500 total.   

--- End quote ---

That's awesome.  Mentally prepare for it and make it happen.


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