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Whats up everyone, newb from Streamwood IL (about 30 mile NW of Chgo).
Little bit about myself, about 5years ago I was a donut shy of 300lbs, had a friend a few years older than me drop dead of a heart attack.
So I made a lifestyle change, quit smoking ate better and started running. Within 9 months I was running 10-12 miles straight every Saturday and averaged about 35-45 miles a week. Within 18 months was down to 217lbs but just didnt feel right, felt to thin, I'm 6' tall. So a friend of mine got me to the gym and I started lifting with him.

3.5-4yrs later I'm still lifting but my diet isnt the greatest. I'm up to 280lbs but look nowhere like I did 5 years ago when I was near 300lbs.
People dont believe I'm that heavy, but I am.
I felt my best right around 240ish lbs and want to get back to that weight and maintain it. My problem is I dont want to lose muscle while doing so. Been reading that a high protein diet will help, but I hate fish and can only eat so much chicken, lol.

Only sups I'm on is pre-workout (month on and month off), and whey protein. Used to do the BCAA while working out but talking to people it sounds like a waste of money, so just drink water while lifting. Going to start on fish oil and Turmeric in the next week. I want to get on some sort of creatine, but dont want to gain any more weight.

Current PB's
Flat bench 335lbs 2-3 reps
Incline bench 315lbs 2 reps
Decline 345lbs 3 reps
Deadlift 405lbs with wrist straps 5 reps
Squat was 495lbs 3 reps. Stopped squatting about 14 months ago per my Dr. I was almost fainting if I squatted 95lbs or 495lbs. Had 5-6 different heart tests and all came back positive. My Dr and a heart specialists couldnt figure out why. So they both said at my age 43yrs old maybe my body just doesnt like it and they advised I stop. Here is the weird part, only happens with free weights or Smith, if I use the Hack or V squat machine I'm totally fine.

So thats about it, open to suggestions on sups and diet advice. I plan on reading my ass off on here for the next few weeks.

Mods please move to proper section.
Just noticed I posted in wrong section, lol


Congrats on the gains.

Where do you want this thread moved to?

I thought it should be in New Member Section. But if your fine with it being here, it doesnt bother me.
I just thought I might have posted in wrong section


Is your goal strength or physique?


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