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Welcome to the Iron Sanctuary forum.

This is a forum primarily for the purpose of discussing weightlifting, nutrition and fitness and for the social interaction and sharing of knowledge between like-minded people with a common interest in the continual pursuit of self improvement.

The forum is not available for viewing by unregistered users, but registration is simple, free, and we will never share your e-mail or personal information with any 3rd parties and we do not spam our members with unnecessary content.

We are a small but tight-knit community and we welcome all newcomers.

In order to keep bots from spamming the forums you will be asked a simple question upon registration, which should be easy to answer for anyone interested in lifting (just to make sure there is an actual human registering and not a spam-bot) but if you have any issues or difficulties registering please send and e-mail to


The Iron Sanctuary Team

Update: Portions of the forum have now been opened up to allow viewing by unregistered users.

If you would like to join and participate in our community, please complete the simple registration process.

As always, your personal information will never be shared with any 3rd parties, and we do not spam our member-list.


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