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Working sets only...

(Rest Pause)
265x5, +3 +2

Close Grip Bench
(Rest Pause)
185x6, +4 +1 +1

DB Incline Press
(3-4 second down fast up)
65sx10 with a 6 second hold at the bottom of the last rep

DB Laterals
20sx12, 3 sets of 3, 1 set of 2

Welcome Back.  8)

🤯🤯🤯 humans!!!

Touch and Go Deads

DB Pullovers
3-4 second down, hold on last rep
60sx10 with a 12 second hold on rep 10

Seated Facepulls
60 lbsx12, 6 sets of 3, 1 set of 2

EZ Bar Curls
Rest Pause
+80 lbsx5, +4, +1

Everything should get a bump next week.

Was hoping to use my work gym last night so I could use the leg press but it's been shut down for a month.  Fucking covid  >:( Got after it today when I woke up after night shift.

Standing OHP
(Rest Pause)
135x4, +2, +2

DB Goblets
(3-4 seconds down, hold last rep)
75s x 10, 13 second hold

OH Cable Tricep Ext
(Slow and hold last rep)
+42.5 x 10, 12 second hold

Incline DB Flyes
40s x 12, 2 sets of 3


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