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Oh hai

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As I was driving home my traps were like  :o

and I was only using the bar.

Next session is Friday, this time with a guy that was a strong Oly lifter that's transitioning into BB'ing.

Next time don't leave your gear at the gym.


--- Quote from: Bando on April 03, 2012, 04:43:00 PM ---
--- Quote from: Marius on April 03, 2012, 04:24:51 PM ---When you write, "Clean Grip", do you mean the actual grip when you're cleaning or the hand position when the bar is racked? From the rack, the hands are open facing palm up, bar resting on fingertips, elbows pointed as high as you get them. When practicing front squats for cleans, it's best to use the rack position in your hands to condition your CNS to just do it naturally when you start putting all the pieces together.

Good work on those back squats earlier, by the way.

--- End quote ---

 Thanks. I was doing front squats with my palms facing up, like 2 fingers are on the bar. My elbows weren't terribly high as this is the 1st time I've ever used that grip. The person training me made all these moves look so easy  :o 8)

--- End quote ---

Good deal. It takes a while to develop the flexibility and technique, so hang in there.

Lifting with a guy that snatches 235 today  :o

Happy with today's work, put all the pieces together. I don't know what the lifts are called yet so I'll refer to them in the terminology I know. I did Deadlifts Oly style (65 lbs, for form only) then I did a cross between a shrug and front barbell raise just to get the bar high enough to jump under it for a front squat with a clean grip. Then I front squatted into an overhead press but like a jumping split legged press, which oddly enough I seem to have a natural ability to do  ::) . I did these all in peices most of the time.

Methinks it's about time to learn the names of the Oly lifts.  :-[


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