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Re: Senator's workout log
« Reply #105 on: June 21, 2014, 07:57:34 PM »
Wow, a month between posts, and sadly, workouts.

On the -ve side, that light at the end of the tunnel I talked about prior was a train coming at me. Business is fkd and trying to negotiate way out of lease and franchise contract. Means taking a big bite of a shit sandwich, but better now than before the hole gets even deeper.

On the + side! I've managed to get work paying similar to what we were drawing from the business! and once the business is all closed up! will actually get sick leave! public holidays and annual leave.

Am still young enough to financially recover, plus have support of the good wife and my folks, so hopefully the darkest days are behind me. Struggled (and still struggling a bit) not so slip back into mild depression, the mrs said she was worried each day what I would be like. Am lucky she's as strong as she is for the both of us.

Managed a bit of a workout today, feels good.

Squats 2x5@70kgs (154lbs)
Bench press 10/10/7 @60/62.5/65 kgs
Seated DB press 3x10@15kgs per hand
High cable rows 2 x 15@90kgs

Feeling weak looking at those numbers, especially bench, but that's the way it goes. Will see how the week shapes up for another session or 2 during the week.

Will catch up on journals over the next few days.