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Journals / Re: Perseverance, Inc.
« Last post by BLK00TJ on Today at 03:01:35 PM »
Strong benching on a Saturday!  Nice recovery from the shoulder issues you were having not too long ago. 
Journals / Re: Perseverance, Inc.
« Last post by FLEX on Today at 02:39:25 PM »
Had a decent heavy bench day.  :)

Barbell Bench Press

135 x 6
185 x 3
205 x 3
225 x 3
245 x 3
255 x 3
265 x 3
275 x 3
285 x 3
295 x 3
305 x 3
315 x 3  <-------vid on my Instagram  @flexjs
335 x 1
350 x 1 

With Slingshot:

365 x 1

375 x 1  <-------vid on my Instagram  @flexjs
Journals / Re: Greg's Lifting Journal
« Last post by ptreyesgreg on Today at 12:46:31 PM »
This morning I completed 531 1000% Bastardo Peak (C27_2C) as follows:

Decline Bench Press   5-105, 4-125, 3-145, 2-175, 1-195, 5x3 @ 225
Speed Deadlifts   3-155, 3-225, 3-275, 5x3 @ 315

Decline Bench Press   3x6 @ 185
Low Cable Rows   3x10 @ 120
DB OHP   3x10 @ 30
Ab Wheel 3x10

Bodyweight: 207.6 Pounds (Down 13.0 Pounds from 7/9) Ate BIG at Company Party last night :)

Workout Duration: 49:29.66 mm:ss (with 1:00 rest between sets)

Good workout today.  I ate big at the company holiday party last night so I had plenty of energy stored up.  My elbows and shoulders were a little sore starting out from all of the benching I've been doing lately, but they loosened up and felt good by the end.  The deads felt very good.  The weight wasn't too heavy and with my improved bracing they really have a good feel to them now.


Looking strong with the SS Greg! Solid session, even hit some skwaaats!

Thanks Shawn. :)  This program definitely has some good supersets in it.  I'm liking the mix of upper and lower each day.  Squatting a couple times per week (once heavy and once medium weight) seems to be getting things moving in the right direction.

Monster bench volume!

Thanks Ron. :)  Yeah the bench volume was high for that workout.  I was feeling it today with a little soreness when I woke up.
Equipment / Re: So my gym got a Texas Power Bar
« Last post by Bando on Today at 11:06:04 AM »
Perhaps it's a display price
Equipment / So my gym got a Texas Power Bar
« Last post by FLEX on Today at 11:01:37 AM »
Posted on Facebook and Instagram making a big deal about it.

I go there yesterday and don't see it.  Where is it?  LOCKED UP SO NO ONE CAN USE IT.

Journals / Re: BLKs Training Journal
« Last post by BLK00TJ on Today at 09:58:00 AM »
what happened to the low bar?
I have something going on in my hip that makes it very painful when I'm in the hole.  Highbar doesn't hurt at all though.
Journals / Re: 1100 in April
« Last post by ShawnJ on Today at 08:40:36 AM »
Nice session, hope the hands clear up soon, that's gotta be near impossible to pull a heavy bar with both hands hurting like that. I honestly think your form is ok but nothing wrong with some tweaks. Strong benching!
Journals / Re: Andrew's Big 3 Journal
« Last post by ShawnJ on Today at 08:34:49 AM »
Solid work buddy, your elbow is aching, my hip is aching today....fukkin geriatrics we are lol. Looks like the shoulder is getting a solid rebuild, some big bench PR's in the near future for you!
Journals / Re: 1100 in April
« Last post by Dave on Today at 03:48:38 AM »
I wouldn't worry too, too much about grip unless you were losing it on the first rep.  You only need to hold onto something heavy for what, 5 sec max then put it down in a comp.  Doing volume work isn't the same. Still looks like a productive session.

Sucks about that bar.  I'm guessing that's on UPS and not Rogue?  I've never had any issues at all with Rogue with shipping.  That bar really chews up your neck with highbar squatting.  Found that out this week.  May need to switch back to the B&R bar for a while.  For lowbar, the OPB rocks.

The bars never coming is my new thought process lol   It's been a bit of both.  Rogue had a lot of problems getting it off to me but once they did it's all been on UPS.  I get the time of year and all that but this will be the 4th date change since it's shipped.  Pretty annoying.

 Very good point on only needing to pull 1 rep at the meet. I'm not losing any sleep over the deads (except for sore lower back lol) but my form I do believe is also an issue right now even though my battered up hands caused a lot of my missed reps yesterday.

do you follow Alan Thrall on IG? His deadlift form has been on point lately. He really dialed it in since he started getting coached from Austin Baraki. Watch how he uncoils his spine and gets his back into extension before he pulls. Super obvious in his videos how he is doing it.  I am trying to work this technique prior to each lift also, but struggling with it.

I do although I'm not on there a ton and have missed this.  I'll give it a watch after work tonight.  Thanks dood!
Journals / Re: BLKs Training Journal
« Last post by Andrew on Today at 01:46:47 AM »
what happened to the low bar?
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