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Bando's Log - Anabolic Dreams and PR Screams

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 The philosophy of DC training is that by growing stronger, you necessarily grow bigger. There is only 1 working set per bodypart with as many warmup sets as you need. The focus is on the decline or decentric portion of the lift, which should be about 6 seconds. The working set is a rest/pause, so you crank out as many reps as you can,  rest for 12-15 breaths, repeat until you canít do another rep, repeat until no more reps are possible.  At that point you do a static hold with the weight until that fails. By doing only 1 lift per badypart allows you to recuperate enough to hit that bodypart again as soon as 2 days later (with a different lift.) I began this on January 2 this year and have certainly seen strength gains. The program doesnít call for ab or trap work, but I work those in, doing traps with shoulders and a few sets of abs at the end of every other workout or so.

for more see:
It looks like this:

Day one:

 Back width
 Back thickness
 Day two:

 Day three:

Repeat Day 1, but with all different moves
 Day four:

Repeat Day 2 but with all different moves

Day 5:

Repeat day 1 but with all different moves not used day 1 or 3

Day 6:

Repeat Day 2 with different lifts not used in day 2 or 4

Day 7

Repeat cycle, working set has to beat weight and/or reps achieved in day 1 or that lift gets removed from the routine.

So enough chatter, letís get to work, shall we?  ;D

Day 1, Cycle 1

Dumbell Bench Press (hereafter DB BP)

Warmup (hereafter wu)

35ís x 10
35ís x 10
40ís x 10
40ís x 9

Workset (hereafter ws)

75ís x 9, 6, 4, 2, hold

Behind the neck press (hereafter BHN Press)


Bar x 9
Bar x 10
75 x 9


100 x 9, 5, 4 (no hold today for safety)

DB Shrugs


75ís x 8
75ís x 8


75ís x 9, 5, 4 hold

Close Grip Bench Press (hereafter CGBP)


135 x 9
135 x 9


185 x 3, 2, 1 :( so 135 x 7


All bodyweight




X 9, 3, 2 hold

I video'ed these before:

[youtube] DC Pullups[/youtube]



100 x 8
100 x 9


100 x 11, 7, 5 hold

Finished with decentric tendonitis curls prescribed by my PT
Just coming off 4 days I took off to get my house painted, house is painted, swole is on, and life is good  8)
Feel free to post up questions, comments, death threats etc. in my journal, because Iíll be doing the same in your journal  ;)

1rd. About time  ;)

2st. Well now I know what DC is at least.

Tried to rep for the journal.  I am not worthy :(

Eccentric = the "relaxation" phase, i.e. the negative part of a lift (Downward motion during bench press)
Concentric = the contraction phase, i.e. the positive part of the lift (upward motion during bench press)

I'm too OCD to not post that, sorry, don't mean to be condescending or anything, looks like a great program, but there's something wrong with my brain that won't let that go.

Talk about the Tendonitis Curls your PT recommended, interested in what that is...


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