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Ordered a case of this

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The Elite.

12, 46g Protein bottles for $22, seems like a steal.

Nice deal.  :thumbsup:

Will report back on taste, the 24g's are tasty and go down quick after a workout. Thinking the 46g's may be a little stressful for the GI, but we'll see.

Not as tasty as whey in milk but not as thick either. Slight Milk of Magnesia taste but very drinkable, had one with breaky and one PWO, hit my Protein target for the day easy. Now to order a couple more cases.

I've had that stuff before in the US; it's a bit like those Ensure or Boost type things they try to sell to old people.

Also it's not whey.  It's Milk Protein I think.

But not bad in a pinch.


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