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Anyone dabble in the 16/8 fasting method?
If so...good results....bad results..?
The 'interweb' is full of pros and cons..
So wanted to hear it from the horse's mouth, especially if that horse is a gym horse.

ID has had luck with it, but he's not of this earth.

When I do it, I don't heal, my metabolism slows and I feel lousy all the time.

Lmao... ID  indeed is an extra terrestrial...

I am far from an ET, but I have always been a little strange for sure :D

As far as IF, I was always the guy who had to eat every 2-3 hours or I would get 'hangry'.   I looked at people that did IF and thought they were crazy, and I said....not for me.

But I have been doing almost a year now, and it is the best thing I have ever done.   The rules of nutrition still apply (cals in cals out) but for me it has done an awesome job at appetite control.   I know how to portion, I just would fail at getting really lean, because I wanted to eat more than I wanted to be lean.   I consider myself to have pretty good will power, but after 10-12 weeks, I wanted to eat!

As I have run this longer, I believe it is changing my body in other ways.   I always ran very low blood sugar when I was tested fasted.   One physical I was 52 and the BOTTOM of the scale is 70.   

I recently had a physical and full bloodwork and for the FIRST TIME in my life, I tested mid range  for my fasted blood sugar.    I noticed that I no longer suffer from being "hangry" ever.   I can go until 5 or 6 pm sometimes and be totally fine.

I modify my IF and introduce large carb boluses on training days.   As much for the fact that I enjoy eating as I can use the extra carbs.    I eat pretty insane things at times going through 2-3 tubs of icecream a week.

The crazy thing, I am ALMOST moving beyond the statement of believing that the main thing is appetite control.   Some crazy changes in composition are STILL happening, even when not in any particular deficit.     The level of leanness is even getting freaky for me.     There is a guy who recently did a contest, and up until the last few weeks, he is not much leaner than me on a day to day basis.   He said if I did the water prep, I could probably step on stage.   

I am going to continue to eat like this and see what happens.   My training is not taking any particular direction at this point for me, so I am just screwing around.   I literally am 'having my cake and eating it too'.

I do supplement leucine and whey to assure I hit protein levels.   But I eat  so much at a single sitting it would be hard if you were eating out.   If I eat out to lunch, at times I will order two lunches.   Or I may drink a whey shake prior or after.    Getting 200g or pro gets hard in 2-3 meals.

ID: Nice.
Do you do the 16/8 method?
You lost body fat, yes. how did your muscle react?


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