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I used to take a pretty good amount. I took fish oil and multi's twice a day, Vitamin D, Creatine and Whey protein.

Currently I'm having some of my best training of my life and all i take is 5g creatine at night and some whey occasionally if i need more protein. I think the fish oil, multis and other stuff didn't do anything for me except drain my wallet.

what sups do you take, and have you tried cutting them out and noticed any difference?

Little Tim:
All the above plus osteo biflex. Keeps the joint sound effects to a minimum.  Don't really notice when I'm on, but within 2 weeks of running out,  things get noisy.  Haven't had much success with any other experimentation.

ZMA and creatine, sometimes whey.

I bought some cissus quadralangus or whatever but when it's gone I won't be buying it again.  No differences noticed.

I generally go to creatine for a month or two leading up to a meet, not sure why I do it that way, but I do.  And joint stuff, fish oil, etc when I have a boo boo. 

I use whey and creatine only cause it's cheap. I put bcaa's in my water I drink during my workout. That's it.


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