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Shawn's Gonna Get on Dat Platform!!

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Hey guys, want to start a journal here leading up to my first meet in Syracuse in April. I have a journal at but like the atmosphere and have a feeling I will be meeting a few of you in April. John is e-coaching me along and am almost ready to begin my training.
A bit about me:
I have been training pretty serious for a few years now but just recently have took a turn towards powerlifting. I train in my home gym in the basement and have about everything I need. I am a 41 year old father of 4 young boys, love lifting, fishing and long walks in the moonlight  ::) I ran my own programming up until spring when I did 2 cycles of Candito  6 week strength program then did a mock meet with a prep.  I spent a good chuck of the summer dieting and freewheeling with training.  I will compete in either 181 or 198 but will probably just do 198 being my first meet and try to get an ok total.

Mock meet numbers (at 189lbs)
Squat: 380lbs with sleeves
Bench: 290lbs T&G
Deadlift: 515lbs (495x3)

I have a pansy bench and squat which I am going to pound at hard to bring up for April.  My immediate plan is to run Candito again for a few cycles and maybe another mock meet and reassess. I will compete in wraps, although I have never tried them.  They should be in this week and will take them for a spin.
So, on vacation for a few weeks but thinking I may start Candito this Sunday if I can get it rolling.  I am sitting about 180lbs right now. 

Today I just did some bench rep work, a few sets with the slingshot and some calves.  I will start logging my workouts once I start my program.  Hope to see some you strong folks pop in:)


Get it Brother!

Fuck off with the negative of having a pansy lift in anything Shawn.

You are a strong kunt. End of story.

Oh and while I'm at it.


Welcome to the journals section.

Very strong probability I will meet you in Syracuse in April.

Welcome to the IS journals!  :)


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