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Well, it's a used bike, but I just got a mountain bike, so I can go trail riding.

There are two parks in my town with bike trails, and alas, my hybrid is not durable enough to handle them, so I just ordered a Giant Anthem 2

I'm excited.

1. Where are the pedals?
2. This site has a cardio and fitness section?


Lisa and I both have new (sort of) Giant bikes.  I have a Roam 2 and she has Cypress LX

Giant Cypress LX:

Giant Roam 2:

Nice bike. I have a Fuji that I bought back in 2010 and have ridden maybe 15 times.  :(

Just like this one.

My wife also has a giant cyprus lx. I have a giant tcx 1 that I modified with mountain bike bars and a 1x10 gear setup.


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