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Der Alta's "Road to recovery, and a Quest for 1600lbs."

I figure it's about time I get held accountable to the standards I've set.  So begins the journal as I recover from a ligament tear in my back, and continue my quest to Total 1600lbs in a Powerlifting Meet.

Before I turn 45 (a bit more than 4 years from now), I want a 7 plate deadlift, a 6 plate Squat and a 350lb Bench Press.  That will account for a 675lb Deadlift, a 585lb Squat, and a Total of 1610lbs. 

Current Best on a Platform is a 505lb Squat, a 305lb Bench, and a 590lb Deadlift, for a total of 1400lbs. RPS CT State Champhionship, at the Europa Expo, June 29th, 2013.

Road to Recovery.
On August 10th, 2013, I competed in the Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate "NY State Championship powerlifting meet".  On my final Bench Attempt, I went for 315lbs. I hit my sticking point, and couldn't get the lift. The spotters grabbed the bar, but not in sync. This unloaded one side of my body and over tensioned my lower back causing it to tear a ligament.

This is a video of that moment.
DA Back tear

This has set me back a few months, and I've had to drop out of my previously planned RPS Power Challenge: Boston in October. As it stands, my next Meet with be the RPS Rhode Island Event, in March, or the RPS NY Meet (Rochester) in April. 

Last night, was Chest.

I was at the gym assisting a buddy who's competing in October. I'm helping with getting him in and out of the shirt, and handoff/racking.

While assisting him, I timidly tested out 135lb bench.  Feet up on the bench, back was flat and relaxed. Easy unrack and smooth paused bench for 3.  I could feel lower back tightness and the dull ache telling me it was enough.  This is going to be a long road back.

Tonight, is light cardio, and biceps/triceps. As much as my back can stand.  I have a massage scheduled for Friday evening, as well, as I had one this past Tuesday night.

In for this journey big guy. Not gonna watch the vid because hearing your post is enough for me to feel the pain you are holding. Good luck with the journey and anticipate a lot from this blog..

In on road to recovery.

Let's get this shit done, Alex.

Looking forward to seeing your progress!


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