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I will not be ashamed . . .

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Yep, I do cardio.  So what?  And you know what else . . . it's in the form of running or Zumba.  Take that!

Lolz, why would you be ashamed?

I cut my grass weekly for cardio ;D

In BB circles, cardio is commonly laughed at and mocked.  I enjoy it, though.  Especially when the weather starts getting nice.  I love being outside. 

I, for one, like cardio.

In fact I could watch people do it all day.

I do tons of cardio.  45 minutes before lifting 5 days a week.  Running, step mill, heavy bag, and ellipse machine.  Intervals are killer!  I also run twice a week during lunch at work, 5 miles each time.

I don't think cardio and lifting are opposites, I think they both have their place depending on your goals.


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